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At Design Packaging we try to ensure that policy on packaging makes a positive contribution to sustainability - we actively encourage industry to minimise the environmental impact of packaging & packaged goods & continuously improve packaging design & mediums


 Our designs will always consider:

*                          Reusability

*                          Biodegradability

*                          Recyclability

*                          Sustainability


The environment is impacted in so many ways our choice of packaging needs to be an educated & considered one


SpecIAlist Manafacture






Moulded Paper

Specialised PaperfoamTM can be designed to form a custom-made package for you.

We work with concept designs for custom made solutions.

Successful projects worldwide for consumer electronics - DVD inserts & industrial packaging applications.

It looks sensational, but remember PaperfoamTM is 100% biodegradable!

Pulp moulded packaging

Rugged transit protection & cushioning from a totally biodegradable and recyclable resource.

Pulp products nest saving space & shipping costs.

Low tooling costs.

No assembly time.

Clean & safer than plastic based product

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