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Design Packaging is the UK’s leading converter of cross-linked block foams.


Our products are used in a wide range of markets including sports and leisure, packaging, transport, healthcare, building, marine and the military.


Our foams have exceptional cell size uniformity, low odour / high purity and outstanding physical attributes. The ZOTE range of foams is produced from a wide range of polymers, including LDPE, HDPE and PP, as well as EVA copolymers.


Products are available in special grades with flame retardant additives (for the construction and aerospace industries), conductive or static dissipative properties (for electronics manufacturing and packaging). Foams are produced in a wide density range from 15kg/m³ (1lbs/ft³) up to 120kg/m³ (7.5lbs/ft³).


Ethafoam & Stratocell products are resilient in nature, giving them outstanding recovery characteristics that provide outstanding cushioning protection against repeated impacts. Ethafoam & Stratocell products are available in a variety of strengths, making them suitable for protecting products ranging from just a few pounds up to hundreds of pounds in weight.


Ethafoam & Stratocell  material is available in densities ranging from 2.0# density to 9# density. These foams are also available in anti-static and formulations. This foam meets the PPC-1752D and AA-59136 specifications, also available in a special Military grade. These foams are impervious to most chemicals.


Conventional Polyester based polyurethane [PU] foams are available in a wide range of densities and specifications. Polyester foams are generally used in industrial packaging, ESD and automotive applications.


Uses include air and water sealing, acoustic applications, and occasionally in high specification packaging.


Materials are available in FMVSS - 302 and / or UL94 HF1 fire specifications, both of which are specifications used in the automotive industry & HVAC industries.


Conventional Polyether based polyurethane [PU] foams are available in a wide range of densities and specifications. Polyether foams are used widely in packaging, industrial, automotive and acoustic applications.


These are lower cost materials compared to polyesters, and tend to be used in less technologically demanding applications.

As with polyesters, grades are available which meet various FR specifications




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