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Design Packaging manufacture many paper based packaging products, pulp moulding, corrugated and solid board - brown - white or beautifully printed.


Our carton experience covers a tremendous spectrum, from standard transit cases to promotional displays: from heavy duty industrial packaging to litho laminated primary retail or medical packaging.


Our wide range of protective packaging materials and systems address the requirements of a multitude of industries. Whether your need is surface protection, cushioning, blocking and bracing, or void fill packaging – your solution is under one roof – ours!


High End


Design Packaging offer a wide range of customer specific packaging solutions for transport and materials handling.


An extensive packaging product portfolio together with years of experience enables us to provide customized solutions for every need.


Design Packaging specializes in protecting products, equipment, and machinery from damage, corrosion, electrostatic discharge, contaminants, ultraviolet rays and dust during shipping and storage.


As a manufacturer, Design Packaging offer bespoke and standard solutions under one roof.




SpecIAlist Manafacture






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