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From the scorching heat of the Sahara Desert to the bone-numbing cold of the Arctic tundra, Hardigg’s & Peli cases are built to survive the harshest environments on Earth—and to protect the equipment inside no matter how rough the ride or challenging the conditions. 

Whether you’re transporting a digital camera or an aircraft engine, if your equipment requires exceptional protection against mechanical shock, vibration, and extreme temperature changes—or needs complex foam cushioning or other custom features Design Packaging has a transport solution for you.


Storm Cases provide the safest transportable environment for sensitive, expensive or vital equipment. A full line of sizes covers almost every utilization, in practically any environment.

Tough, Rugged and Lightweight
Airtight, Watertight, Impervious to Mother Nature Dent-resistant, Shatter-resistant, Virtually Unbreakable Safe and Secure

Design Packaging offers technical design & manufacture of bespoke inserts or offer self select removable sectional foam.


If standard sizes do not suit, then our custom flight cases may be the answer – call us now with your requirement & let us do the rest.

SpecIAlist Manafacture





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